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Lazy Izzy

Izzy\' journet

Lazy Izzy

Izzy and her family

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my dogs name is Isobel. We call her Izzy or Bells. Izzy is a 7 1/2 year old St Bernard

My name is Melissa, we live in Arvada, Colorado and hoping to move into the mountains soon.

Izzy lives with one canine sister, a husky mix, three feline sisters and two feline brothers, her mommy (me) her daddy (Jason), a human sister and brother. She has three more human siblings who live on their own. And a husky niece and nephew who belong to our son. Last October we lost our other Saint, Hazel, to age she was 12 and arthritis.

I knew that osteosarcoma was a possibility with any pet but probably like most people just never gave it much ought. Now that possibility has become our reality and I’m searching for the best way to handle the situation. I’m hoping to have the strength to make the best decisions for Izzy and counting on our vets to help with those decisions. Right now we don’t know much which is terrifying, hopefully that will change tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll still be terrified but I will be informed and terrified instead of blindly terrified.



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