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Lazy Izzy

Izzy\' journet

Lazy Izzy

Amazing Izzy!!

May 25th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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wow what a difference a week (or so) can make. Izzy had her first chemo on Monday and by the next morning her appetite was back she was playing in the yard and ready to go! We had to go to the mountains to help my oldest daughter move and I was so worried for Izzy because my daughter has a lot of stairs and lots of steep slopes leading up to the house from the drive. Izzy handled it like she has been a tripawd all her life. Then I forgot to give her her meds the other night. I fell asleep watching tv and woke up in the middle of the night realizing she hadn’t had her night time meds but she was just fine and sleeping peacefully, even having squirrel dreams, which I hadn’t seen since before the surgery. So I’ve been stretching out the meds and have eliminated the gabapentic and have the rimadyl down to once a day. We’ve been off the tramadol  for almost a week now too.  So now three weeks past surgery Izzy now associates her harness with getting to go somewhere and is at the door waiting whenever she sees me getting ready to leave the house. Yesterday I was taking my mom to the store and as my mom was walking out Izzy rushed the door and headed straight to the back of my car waiting for me to let her in just like she always has. I had to trick her into her harness then drag her back into the house. While it broke my heart not to be taking her, it was just too hot to leave her in the car while we shopped, I was overjoyed to see her back to normal wanting to go places. Izzy is also figuring out new ways to cope with not having that extra leg. She used to knock on the door when she wanted back in, now she will either sit and wait, we have a glass door so can see when she wants back in, or will knock on it with her head. She used to also paw at the fence playing with the dogs next door now she lays down and sticks her paw under the fence, which is a lot easier on the fence and going to save a lot on replacing slats this summer, yay! So far absolutely no side effects from the chemo and I have to keep reminding myself that she isn’t through this yet and we still have a long way to go. but I’m really trying to just have the expectation of only the best and not allow myself to jinx Izzy by preparing for the worst. I feel like if I do that then I’m allowing or giving that possibility a foothold. So since I want only good things to happen that is the only outcome I’m going to allow myself to see at this point. I know there will be ups and downs but the ultimate outcome I’m envisioning for my girl is perfect health.

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  • dougo1

    Whoo Hoo Izzy You are ROCKIN this recovery

    love Ya!

  • jerry

    Izzy this is great news, congrats! It’s wonderful to read about your sparkle and spunk returning. We knew you’d get there!

    By the way, your humans’ attitude is absolutely perfect. You’ve taught them well my friend.

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